Wella Professionals Invigo COLOUR BRILLIANCE TRIO Gift Pack

Wella Professionals Invigo COLOUR BRILLIANCE TRIO Gift Pack

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  • The Wella Professional Invigo Color Brilliance Trio Bundle provides long-lasting colour protection and enhanced colour vibrancy and comes with a r cosmetic bag

    By Wella Professionals: Get instant color vibrancy and protection for up to 7 weeks with the Invigo Color Brilliance care collection for coloured hair. Color Brilliance-Blend is a powerful combination of new ingredients that maintain color vibrancy and protect coloured hair. The range has a contrasting fragrance, between a refreshing citrus cocktail and a woody soft undertone.

    Wella Invigo Color Brilliance Trio Gift Pack:  Consisting of Invigo Color Brilliance shampoo 250ml,  Color Brilliance Conditioner 200ml and  Color Brilliance Mask 150ml. Colour protection shampoo with lime caviar. A PH-optimised shampoo created specifically for Coloured hair.

    Wella Invigo Color Brilliance Protection Shampoo 250ml

    Embrace vibrant colour with the Wella Invigo Brilliance Color Protection Shampoo, formulated with antioxidant-rich Lime Caviar. This high-performance shampoo provides long lasting colour protection for up to seven weeks. It's optimized low pH formula helps to seal the cuticle after coloration in order to enable a better color retention, whilst using a Copper Encapsulating Molecules to improve vibrancy and shine.

    Wella Invigo Brilliance Vibrant Color Conditioner 200ml

    The Wella Invigo Brilliance Vibrant Color Conditioner is designed to enhance color vibrancy. Formulated with a Copper Encapsulating Molecule to boost and maintain the vibrancy of your shade for up to seven weeks. Antioxidant Shield Technology uses Vitamin E to protect against colour fade, whilst the rich conditioner smooths the hair cuticle for a high-shine finish.

    Wella Invigo Brilliance Vibrant Color Mask 150ml

    Liven up your locks with the Wella Invigo Brilliance Vibrant Color Mask that enhances and protects colour. Formulated with Lime Caviar to soften and smooth strands, the rich treatment utilises Antioxidant Shield Technology to prevent shade fade and defend against damaging environmental aggressors.